Hi there!  Welcome to my ‘about’ page…  this is where you can find out a bit more about me and what I do.  I am at heart a social musician – I like to meet and interact with my audiences and those who like my music.  Although most of my songs are biographic in some way, I try and write them so that everyone can relate to them and I love it when people approach me after a show, or on one of the social network sites, to tell me how one of my songs has affected them.  It makes all of the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears totally worthwhile, so please do get in touch if you like what I do!

This is my bio (written in the third person because this is they they do things in the music biz apparently):

Jamie R Hawkins is an Award Winning Singer Songwriter whose songs have won him critical acclaim in the UK and around the world…

He has been described as “a powerful mixture of storyteller, philosopher and poet”, his lyrics as “poignant and witty” and his performances, “emotive and captivating”.

His song ‘Bloody Good Xmas‘ won the acoustic/folk category in the 2011 UK Songwriting Contest and went on to achieve a No.2 position in the Amazon download charts. He has since gone from strength to strength, forging for himself a dedicated and growing fan-base, particularly in the Southwest of England and Central Europe.

In March 2016 he released his second EP, ‘Capacity To Change’ to critical acclaim and embarked upon his first European Tour backed by a full band of world class musicians.  April 2017 saw the release of his well received third EP, ‘The Bitter End‘ and a third European tour in August. His successes overseas have secured him more future tour dates and a recording deal as the frontman and writer for ‘The Unshakeables‘ with independent Swiss label, Funk Street Studios  – The release of their debut single, ‘Planets‘ reached No.1 in the Swiss Music Charts and was promptly followed by the release of an EP in November 2018.  The Unshakeables have been receiving regular national airplay in Switzerland since then.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Jamie is plans to release a string of singles throughout 2019 with an album planned for later in the year.

Jamie can usually be found either in the studio scribbling away in his dog-eared note book, or performing his songs to the masses…

“emotionally charged, poignant and witty acoustic pop-rock that reminds you of Crowded House or even Del Amitri, which is fine by me” – Secret Chord Records

“Bloody brilliant!….powerful, utterly original, articulate, heartfelt, emotional, very well constructed and superb in every way.” – Richard Niles, Producer, Author, UK Songwriting Contest

“a heady combination of from the heart self analysis and universal truths, stark realities and street level wisdom” – The Swindonian

“(His) songwriting is strong and the delivery is often exceptional” – No More Division

“a blend of clever narratives and dexterous guitar slinging” –  Songs Of Praise

“Jamie’s ability to handle a tune is deft and confident and his poetic sense of place and situation remains strong” – Dancing About Architecture

“(Capacity To Change) is a brilliant, heartfelt EP, ‘Come Undone’ is absolutely superb!” – Pete Maher, Pete Maher Mastering 

“a great songwriter with a real ability to look at things from a slightly different angle. Also one of his songs makes me cry,
and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” – Phil Cooper, Number Nine Studios